Let God Rebuild Your Life!

Hi sweet sister! I’m here to tell you that it’s not over! Whatever battles you’ve been facing, whatever trials and tribulations you’ve been up against, will not have victory over you. We serve an on time and mighty God, who’s waiting to embrace you with welcoming arms.

“The LORD waits for you to come to him so he can show you his love and compassion. For the LORD is a faithful God. Blessed are those who wait for him to help them”

~ Isaiah 30:18

I just had to start with that! I’ve been on a fast for a few days now, and the results have been amazing. We don’t fast for man or religion, we simply and carefully fast for our father. We fast to beat our flesh. We fast for God to expose and uproot the hidden things. We fast to drawer closer to Him. We fast for renewal and growth. We fast for revelation. How often do you fast?

So we fasted and petitioned God about this and he answered our prayers.

~Ezra 8:23

It seems like everywhere I look, many of us are struggling with something. Be it sickness, relationships, finances, and an overall quality of life. But why God? I know many of you wonder, why me? How is it that I serve a mighty God and yet my life sucks and has nothing to show for it?

Well, I had that same mentality not too long ago as I chronicled through my separation, all while trying to start over simultaneously. I thought those very same thoughts until God began to deal with me. First of all, He told me that in life things are going to happen. Trials and testing are going to come, because we reside on an earth where the enemy is constantly seeking to devour. God also told me that in this life as a Christian we are going to suffer. We are automatic targets for the enemy. Lastly, God told me that although these things are true, if we let Him, if we completely surrender, He can rebuild our lives. Sounds good right?

I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten, the hopper, the destroyer, and the cutter, my great army, which I sent among you. “You shall eat in plenty and be satisfied, and praise the name of the Lord your God, who has dealt wondrously with you. And my people shall never again be put to shame.

~Joel 2:25

So this is where it gets interesting! Once God revealed these things to me, I instantly knew I was game. However, wanting something and actually going through the process to get it are two completely different things, if you know what I mean? This process of rebuilding is not for the faint of hearts. This process will require a level of strength, energy, commitment, and faith you’ve never had before.

Still interested? When I said yes to God regarding this rebuilding process, the first thing He told me to do was trust Him and then let everything go! (everything God, even my purse collection?) Everything, plus or minus a couple of bags! ( Now I can do that Lord!) but it was uncomfortable and hard, to say the least. Letting go of a life that was so comfortable, yet fruitless, was so hard to do but I did it. After letting go, God told me to undergo deliverance. ( Say some prayers over my family bloodline, denounce any dealings with the occult, any unrepentant sins, close any open doors that would give the enemy access to my life) this process was not instant, but gradual as God slowly dealt with me and dissected the many layers of hurt, guilt, and shame the enemy and others placed over me throughout the years.

For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

~2 Corinthians 10:3-5

Still there? After saying yes, letting go, and seeking deliverance, my purpose and identity in Christ became the theme as He showed me who I was in Him. He began to place people in front of me, as He molded me and shaped me for this new life and identity. Although I still had a long road ahead of me, I began to see little changes in my life and fruit that was undeniably God.

Work the field girl! After discovering my identity and purpose in Christ, I began to work the field. He told me to go for it. Experiment with a ministry and be a disciple. So I did just that. I started doing videos, I started posting inspirational things on social media, I put together events and I wrote a book on Finding your purpose. Available on Amazon.

Purchase Here! 🌸🌺🌸🌺🌸🌺🌸🌺

Although things were still in progress and I was in a place of transition, I could feel this love and freedom in Christ I had never felt before. I still had many decisions to make at this point, after the releasing of my first book. However, I was hungry for more. As the warfare raged on around me, as friends left my side, and as things required deeper levels of faith, I knew I was almost there.

Finally, after almost three years of this ironing process, God told me the rebuilding was almost done. He told me to hold on and to let Him finish His good work and I did! And just like that, I arrived! The most important work was the inner work. We can’t receive anything from God or from others without proper healing to properly receive it. So after My internal began to Match my external it was finally time to embrace my new life in Christ. When I wake up and I feel the peace within, when I feel the peace of having my own home, a job, a passion and ministry I really love, and being a mom to two lovely children, I can’t help but think about how worth it, the process of rebuilding was.

We only get one life ladies! Your skin will never be as soft as it is today. Your hair will continue to slowly grey. Our kids will get older. Things will happen in life, good and bad. We will have different moments to help others. But regardless, life is short and precious and we will all face God the day of judgment, and be hit with that question of “ what did you do in this life?” What will you say on that day? Will the list that God has for you be long and full of many beautiful stories? Testimonies of how you helped others? Sacrifice? Taking chances? Living your full life, a life that God always wanted? Or will it be the opposite?

The choice is yours. If you let God rebuild you’re life now, and with no limits, and no fighting, I promise you, you won’t regret it! On the day of judgement, your list will be full, full of fruit and God will be smiling at all of your accomplishments and the fact that you took a chance despite all the pain and setbacks you’ve endured. You simply allowed Him to rebuild your life!

Let the rebuilding begin sis!!🌸

Proverbs 31! The virtuous Woman!

Hey ladies, we are beyond thrilled to announce that our bible exercises have been a major success! We have had women of all backgrounds, come together for these studies! From women who love to read the word, to women who are reading for the first time, God is truly doing something in this ministry! Don’t miss out! 💪🏽

Are you a proverbs 31 woman? Are you a virtuous woman? If you’d like to know more about what the Bible says regarding being a good wife, and acting like a real lady, please read on. If you’re married, take notes! Not married yet, prepare! Grab your bible, grab your pen and paper, and head over to the book of proverbs! I’ll catch you next week to discuss it!☺️

  1. What does Proverbs 31 teach you about being a good wife? What does it teach you about being a lady?
  2. Do you feel like modern women today can follow these rules?
  3. Write down five things about yourself that you can change.
  4. Write down three things the narrator is pointing out to us ladies.
  5. What does the reading say about the way we should present ourselves in public and on a daily basis?
  6. After reading Proverbs 31, what will you change? What will you leave in February and take into March?

Creative assignment:

Go into your closet and go through your clothing. Does it scream a virtuous woman? Or is it screaming “help!”? does it need some sifting through? You know that short skirt you wore three summers ago? Or that top that might just show a little too much cleavage? We challenge you to clean out your closet, and give yourself a proverbs 31 woman makeover!

Remember, be fearless and be fierce! 🌸

Ruth! A Story About True Love…

Ruth starts off with loss. When a family is hit with the deaths of a patriarch, and his two sons, their widows, being Ruth and the other two being, sister-in-law Oprah and Mother-in-law Naomi, tough decisions come into play. After Naomi decides to move back to her hometown, Ruth agrees to follow, while Oprah decides to move back home! Ruth tells Naomi that she will go wherever she goes and that she will serve the God that she serves! What a statement! True loyalty! This is the moment that changes Ruth’s life forever! After arriving to Naomi’s Homeland, Ruth meets Boaz and the rest is history! Boaz teaches us about strength, honor, what a true husband looks like, and more! Dig into your bible and get started on Ruth!


1. What did you learn from Ruth? What does she teach you about losing everything and getting it all back, after trusting God completely!

2. What did she teach you about loyalty and trust?

3. What did Boaz teach you?

4. How does Boaz compare to men today?

5. How can you apply Ruth to your life?

Journal activity:

Please take a minute to write a letter to your younger self! What would you tell her about love? What would you tell her not to do again? Tell her that the things that happened in the past were not her fault! Lastly, tell the younger you about how proud you are of yourself today

We can’t wait to discuss this!

Remember, be fearless and be fierce! 🌸

Let’s Talk Queen Esther!

Hey ladies, welcome to February Joy! A month dedicated to strength, empowerment, growth, and a renewed commitment to growing in God. As we begin the month of February, I want you to reflect on your New Year goals, what you had hoped to accomplish, progress in those areas, and any fears associated with them. 🌸

The book of Esther, tells us a compelling story about the rise of a young Jewish Queen. She had to hide her Jewish identity, during a time when it was dangerous to be Jewish. Although she found great favor with her husband and king Ashasuerus, her identity had to be concealed in order to survive. After an order had been put out to kill all Jews because of an angry noble named Haman, Esther at some point, had to be brave and step up to the king to save the Jewish people. Esther had to fast, she had to pray, and she had to take a leap of faith.

I want you to look at Esther and compare her story to a time in your life where you had to be brave and step out on faith despite fears.


  1. Please start by reading the bookmark of Esther
  2. Please get a pen and paper and write down your thoughts and ideas.
  3. How does Esther inspire you? How can you relate to her? What does she tell you about being brave?
  4. What does this exercise tell you about God and how he answers prayers?
  5. Do you fast and pray monthly?
  6. What are your goals moving forward with God?
  7. Do you believe that God can make a way for you?

So there you have it! We want you to finish this exercise feeling encouraged, and fearless. You are fierce! 💪🏽

Please interact with us, by placing some of your answers in our comments below this post. We look forward to your responses. 😌