You Don’t Define Me!

What happens when you start saying no instead of yes? What happens when you begin to stand up for yourself? (whether you’re at the job, or standing in line at the store) what happens when you begin to put yourself first?

After a rough few months of transitioning (moving, motherhood, starting a new job, ministry, and feeling worn out) these questions began to plague me. What was I thinking? Did I really think I could survive this move? The decision to leave a marriage? Being a single mom again? All I could think was ” Now what God?”

My whole life I’ve always been concerned about the other. Instead of evaluating my own needs, mental health, and healing process, I was constantly trying to please everyone else. Have you ever been in that boat?

Maybe the kids drive you crazy? Maybe your boss and coworkers always ride your back? Maybe you put more into your friendships than your friends do? Maybe you go the extra mile in your relationship while your partner does the minimum?. Whatever it is, stop it! Stop it dead in its tracks!

It is completely freeing and wonderful to say things such as; no, that doesn’t work for me, or I don’t like how that makes me feel. We have the right to have standards and to be treated with respect. This concept was a hard one and a tough lesson for me to learn. God said to me, daughter how can I give you more if you aren’t prepared to receive it? Ouch right?!

Usually, if you’re a doormat in one area of your life, the other areas will reflect that as well. Just recently I discovered that I have a problem. I have a problem with expressing my needs and being a doormat. Can you relate?

My kids have a way of making me feel guilty whenever I say no. So for years I would just cave in. But after much healing and God’s beautiful touch, I’ve learned that I am only one person and that I absolutely try my best.

That’s what life is all about right? Simply doing our best. Life is messy, complex, mysterious, abrupt, cold, warm, and much more. We as mere humans will never fully understand God’s ways, plans, and infinite designs for man in this world. All we can do is live it to the fullest.

As I nestle into my new apartment, with a whole new outlook on life as a single mom and a soon to be divorcée, I can’t help but to think about what’s next and all of the possibilities before me. God always has a plan for our lives to prosperous us and not to harm us. So I set my eyes on Him. Nothing no longer defines me. God is my everything!

This new and profound revelation has been exhilarating. When we have freedom in Christ and live by His grace and Mercy, we no longer allow others to define our lives and who we are. Expectations are reasonable. I no longer have the desire to argue. I no longer look at what the other has. I now look to Jesus. I don’t know about you, but my days of being defined and controlled by others is over. I am in charge of my happiness. How about you?

In Transition!

When you think about the word transition, what comes to mind? According to google dictionary, the word transition simply means, the process or period of changing from one state or condition to another!

Being in transition can be hard, especially when it requires a separation of some sorts, or the ending of a thing. Transition can be seen as a mean and ugly word as we navigate through the waters of unknown. I think the worse part is having to wait it out. It’s the going through process that kicks butt the most. We just want to wake up in our blessing. But how would God get the glory if everything was automatically and instantly given to us?

These days I know a lot about transition as I am trying to find my way through my own endings and beginnings. They say when one door shuts another opens.

But, does transition have to be bad? Does it have to be hard? What if it was apart of Gods plan and process for our lives? What if God uses transition to mold us Into who and what He wants?

Of course, being in transition might seem uncomfortable at first. Yes it might seem like you don’t know what God is doing, but just knowing that God is behind it is enough.

If you are in transition right now in your life, I want you to use this time to allow God to stretch you. Let Him stretch you in many ways imaginable. You never know, you just might like what He brings to the forefront. Never despise the process of transition. We all have to get to where we are going. Where are you going in your life? I strongly encourage you to diligently seek those answers whether you are going through transitions or not.

Closed doors might hurt. Transitions might be uncomfortable, but there’s always a blessing on the other side.

Xoxoxox AWP Team!

Join Me November 16th!

Hi there! Are you serious about your walk with God? Do you believe we were meant to have more in this life? If you are truly ready to experience God in a way that you haven’t before, if you want to learn about kingdom strategy, while unlocking your hidden potential, join us!

Our founder and CEO, minister, author and life coach, Kristen Lory will be sharing her experiences, and tools of success to inspire you!

Topics of discussion

1. The fundamentals of being a Christian

2. Purpose

3. Writing down goals and sticking with them

4. Maximizing hidden potentials

Summer is almost over! Let’s keep pushing!

Hi everyone,

Summer is almost over and the kiddos will be back to school in no time.. How will you spend your final summer days?

Let’s keep pushing with our personal goals, and the goals that God has given us. We are excited to be sharing our AWP Fear Not Challenge Testimonies very soon.

We pray that you all are well! God bless!


Awp Team!

Kingdom Minded!

Hey awp Tribe! Here at awp we miss you! We pray that you are having a wonderful summer! In just a few weeks (September) we will be back with new topics and articles! (Kingdom Minded inspired) 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

In the meantime, how you doing? Are you hitting those goals? Are you keeping your calendar organized? We still have plenty of time left in 2019! What’s next on your list of accomplishments? What have you been asking God for? We would love to hear from you.

In the meantime:

  1. August 10th we will be having our event (Beauty beyond Scars)
  2. Awp Fear Not Challenge (message Sho, our marketing and coordinator specialist for more details on events and challenges)
  3. We are still posting weekly and monthly podcast episodes and videos!
  4. Share some of your recent testimonies

We love you and see you soon! Remember, be fearless and be fierce!

Xoxoxoxoxxo awp Tribe! 💕💥

Cultivating Your Territory!

As summer is fast approaching, I am preparing myself for one of my favorite past times, gardening. There is something special about caring for and watching something grow.

Donald Lawrence said that “we are spiritual beings living this natural experience.” Over the past year or so I have been learning to look at things through spiritual eyes. Only God can create a simple seed that is planted in simple dirt and grow it into something simply beautiful. That simply beautiful thing can be anything from one rose, to a field of wild flowers, to a quiet pond or the roaring rapids. Hey, perhaps even you or I?

Matthew 25:23 tells us that if we remain faithful over a few things that God will make us ruler over many things. If we can just cultivate our own territory, cultivate our faith, grow it and nurture it, He will send an increase. Sometimes, I will plant flowers on one side of the yard one year….. and the next year, that same flower will start growing on the other side. If you allow God, He will send you into the places that you didn’t see possible.

Simply put, we are supernatural beings with extraordinary gifts. We were created to give God glory. We give Him glory by simply communing and acknowledging Him. We give Him glory by simply allowing others to see Him work in us. We give Him glory by still going through the growth process (in our garden) in the midst of any storm. 

We give Him glory by cleaning out the weeds that come to strangle our spiritual growth. We allow the sting of the bees to sweeten us knowing that with chastisement comes His wisdom, knowledge and understanding. We give Him glory simply by being the beautiful creature that He has made, not by boasting but with humility.

Simply put, cultivate your territory for God’s increase.

– Kim Jones