A River That Flows

He measured off another thousand, but now it was a river that I could not cross because the water had risen and was deep enough to swim in—a river that no one could cross.

Ezekiel 47:5 NIV


In Ezekiel chapter 47, there is a mention of a river that flows from the throne room of God. Ezekiel the prophet is taken around the temple into the river. When he first steps into the water, it is only at his ankles and then the water rises until it is Knee-deep, waist-deep and finally his head is completely submerged. 

When Ezekiel arrives back at the shore, God opens his eyes and he notices several fruit trees growing along the banks of the river. God makes a declaration that these trees will constantly bear fruit and that they will bring healing.

Ezekiel was taken on a journey where he had to trust that God knew every step he should take. It was easy to follow God when the water was only up to his ankles but the deeper the river got, it would have made it easier for him to just stay on the shore and never venture any further. Many times in our lives God will require us to take a journey, to dive deeper into situations that may cause us to panic.

Despite how deep the water was, Ezekiel continued to pursue the lord

I think about how often I have left my faith on the shore. How many times I have allowed fear to cause me to run away from the same rivers that God was asking me to swim in. Indeed the more I have journeyed with my father, even though I did not always understand the reason why I was facing such a fierce battle, the river of pain and suffering that I thought would harm me, was truly God breathing life into my veins and allowing me to blossom and to bloom. I have always had an appreciation for the springtime and whenever I see the first buds of the flower beginning to blossom, it is a reminder that God in his infinite wonder is always moving. I pray that regardless of what circumstance you find yourself in, that you will remember God is always faithful. If he has led you to the deepest ocean and asked you to cross, then you can believe that he will carry you across the other side to safety. For what you cannot see with your natural eyes, maybe the moment when the greatest move of God will descend and transform your life from barrenness into a fruitful blossom.

– M. C. Rose (Assistant and editorial team member)

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Blooming & Blossoming in Jesus!

Spring time is a new refreshing start for growing, rebirthing, and unveiling the many facets of life! Whether it be May’s flowers blossoming forth to display such vibrant shades, or hearing the sweet sound of honey bees gather around to pollinate the Earth, the same thing abides: Change is inevitable. In fact, many of us this season have experienced changes in certain areas of our lives. This birthing process can be just as relieving as it can be painful, depending on where you are in the process. An though the most anticipated part is the manifestation of that new birth, the removal of old patterns, people, and places that God has called us from are not so. Especially when we’re believing that our painful experiences are for our good (Romans 8:28). We can even become tired and want to give up when we have yet to see the outcome of our obedience. I know it may not be all unicorns and rainbows, but this process is necessary in order for us to become our best image of God’s unconditional love. If Jesus hadn’t been crucified, how else would God have shown his glory? After all, the dead is raised in Spirit. This is what our Father in heaven means when He says that in order for us to live we must die. (Luke 9:24). We must die of old self-centered patterns so we can become new selfless children of God, and spring forth like flowers in full bloom! As we continue to change and grow through Christ, we’ll come to realize that everything we experience along the way becomes useful for His glory. So that means no more moaning and groaning! (Philippians 2:14) Consider it a good thing that God is preparing us for what’s to come! What might you be blossoming forth this season? 🌻

~ Zarria W. ( Editorial Team)

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Can you believe it’s May already? So… I know what you’re thinking, “ slay?” Did she just say “ slay?” Yes I did! May is about blossoming and blooming! In order to blossom and bloom, honey you’ve got to jump and you’ve got to slay!

As Christians, we always want to tread carefully, and stay within the lines. But in this season God is asking for us to let go and get messy.. Have you been holding back lately? Is there something you’ve been wanting to do but you’ve been to afraid of what others might think? If you are that person, it’s time to put that to the side and take a chance on yourself! Slay!!!

When we allow fear, certain people and circumstances to hold us back, we kinda cut God at the knees and we prohibit Him from doing the things that He planned for our lives. With every step you take, God can open multiple doors. With every bit of faith that you have, God can take that and give you a life you never knew was possible. Slay!!

I want to challenge you this month, and the coming months to live your best life! This isn’t just another feel good article but an article based on action and strategy. What is God calling you to do? How can you improve yourself? Do you need to spend more time with God? Fast? Study? Do you have to work on your credit? Your weight? Your career? Confidence? Whatever it is, I want you to move forward in boldness and get it done. Slay!!

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Jump and don’t look back!

Can someone take me to Ibiza please? When I take a look at the past year and how life has changed since the pandemic, I’m shocked. Im shook. I’m in a state of “ did this really happen to us?” I know you can relate to me on this. It’s been a pretty challenging yet eye opening time to say the least.

But… as a child of God. As a firm believer, I tend to see the blessings in chaos. Despite many unfortunate deaths, the loss of jobs, homes, etc, taking a look at life and the unseen due to this pandemic has shifted and changed many of our lives for the better!

Many of us are now business owners, ministry leaders, creators, influencers, and more! Prior to the pandemic I was apart of the rat race. Working 40 hours a week at a job where I was miserable and underpaid, while giving my business little to no attention. The pandemic has forced me to evaluate my life in ways that truthfully, were uncomfortable. Kristen you aren’t living your purpose. Kristen you’re being undervalued. You’re being underpaid. Kristen you are just surviving. Have you had to face such truth and reality?

Now I want you to dig deep. I want you to think about your life, your worth, your belief in God, your values, and overall quality in life. Does it match the life you’ve always wanted? I want you to dig deep and get real. It’s never too late to start over.

I’m proud to say at 33 I’m now a full time entrepreneur and business owner. Yes it’s been a journey, yes it took sheer faith and hard work but it’s worth it. I want a life of quality do you? Jump and don’t look back!

So thats your homework. Do a self assessment and think about this article and ask yourself what type of life you’d like to live.

As a certified life coach, author, and ministry leader, I would like to invite you to book a session with me. You’ve got this!

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Water & Nurture Your Soil!

Hi there!

Happy new year and happy January! Welcome back. We have missed you all! We are truly excited to be back before you all with some great content for the new year!

So it’s 2021 and we are three days in. Are you feeling the shift? When that ball dropped did something magical happen? I know many of us felt the opposite right? When that countdown began and after that ball dropped, after that brief moment of excitement reality set in. Reality as in– we are still being hammered by a deadly virus, we are still dealing with many injustices and a controversial election, and last but not least that sad stimulus check!

With that being said, I know it all seems like nothing has changed and that we are still carrying out some 2020 wounds and wrongdoings but can I ask you a question, what God do you serve?! I know the God that I serve, He is a way maker and a promise Keeper! My God!!

Matthew 7:13

When I feel like all is lost, I just nestle in and surrender to the Lord and he makes my path straight. He soothes my wounds and provides my every need. I need you to get to that space and NOW!! Don’t let the darkness in this world cause you to miss out on what God has placed before you.

God said for this next season, and for this year he is delivering on his promises but you have got to water the soil. You have got to work that land like Ruth. Hard work pays off. Having faith and taking chances pays off. We cannot expect different results with the same tactics. We cannot expect growth and fruitfulness if we do not water the soil. The soil has to be fertile. The soil has to be built off of the word of God

“Who and what is in your soil?”

As we press into this new month, I want you to think about the soil that is before you, be it the soil for your business, your ministry, your marriage. Is the soil drizzled with God’s word? Is it being watered properly? How can you work the land for better growth and fruitfulness!

Let’s kick 2021 in the butt and have the best year ever. Remember people have it worse. Some didn’t make it. You did! You are still standing. You are still here. Shift your focus, trust God, water your land, and see the results!


Kristen (founded & CEO)

Thanksgiving Shouldn’t End On Thanksgiving!

2020 has been a very unique year. 

So much has happened and is it just me, or has this year gone incredibly quick? I remember crossing over into 2020, and now we are about to go into 2021!

But with that being said, I just thought I’d remind you that despite all that has happened this year, God is still on His Throne. Of course, life can get rough and it can be hard to ‘be still’. It’s in our nature as humans to get a bit worried at times. But the reality is, God already had everything mapped out. Our lives and everything happening right now is just a replay to Him! 

God is with us, even when we don’t ‘feel’ Him. Having breath and a beating heart equals purpose. There is a purpose as to where you are right now. There is a reason for your being! 

You may end up ‘leaving’ this pandemic with a business/(s) – Great! 

You may end up with a new house/new car – Amazing! 

You may have endeavored into other projects or started a ministry – Fantastic! 

You may have connected to your Kingdom spouse – Wonderful!

But don’t be discouraged if any of these things haven’t happened to you yet. Listen, coming out from this pandemic alive, healthy and well is a whole blessing in itself. No matter where you are, what you have or what you don’t have right now – just take some time to say “Thank You God!” 

Your heart is still beating… You have life… We are almost in 2021 and guess what? You will be just fine under the mighty shadow of His wings!

“Keep me as the apple of Your eye; hide me in the shadow of Your wings”

Psalms 17:8, ESV.

And for this Christmas, let’s focus on God’s goodness and the gift of life. Whether you have enough money this year to buy a sack of gifts or not, please do not stress out about this. I read a quote recently which said, “Sometimes your presence is the present.” 

Giving God thanks continues even after Thanksgiving! Let’s give Him thanks daily for the gift of life and our Saviour, Jesus Christ – Remember this word for Christmas!

Peace & Love,



By Shanora Floyd

I always pictured  my life when I was  younger as always smiling , laughing and just enjoying life as a whole.  Not a care in the world. But unfortunately  life isn’t always fun and games. I never thought I would have to overcome so many hurdles in my life and still be able to stand strong before you today. Being molested at a young age caused me to not love myself. I felt unworthy of being loved by a man or anyone at that fact.  As the years went & I got older I ended in a domestic violent relationship while  still carrying the hurt from when I was young . Having words thrown in my face like “

If it wasn’t me saving you , you would be nothing”. That’s  coming from a person who was also abused as a child  and  battling depression. When I got married( not the same from the domestic relationship) but to the person who I was best friends with since childhood , it was supposed to be the happiest day of life. A girl’s dream came  true. I was on top of the world to Only to have my heart shattered into little pieces. Being cheated in marriage that I thought would last a lifetime. Leaving me with a house, unpaid bills and my daughter. I thought  to myself “what did I do to deserve this God ?”. “Am I really this unloved by you?”. I couldn’t understand why this was happening to a person who has a good heart. 

In Romans 5 :3-5 reads “ Not only so, but we[a] also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; 4 perseverance, character; and character, hope. 5 And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.”

Even through all the hurt, tears, anger and unworthiness I went through in life God is bigger than all of it. I may not have understood back then why God was the way He was but today at this very minute as the scripture points out because of my suffering I went through it produced a woman with more hope for life than ever. God’s love conquers all my fears, anxiety and situations that I went through and will go through. With God’s help, love and patience I had overcome & gained victory in life.

A Turning Point!

Mrs. Lory, it’s not recommend that you have anymore children based on the radiologist report.

“Say that again Doc!!!”

Those were the words that rolled off my tongue as my OBGYN read medical reports from my second pregnancy.

“Yes, due to the amount of scarring from both your c-sections, it’s not recommended that you have anymore children!”

Hearing that news made me sink deep into the examination chair. It felt like I hit the bottom of a black abyss. The words kept tumbling around my brain, over and over! It’s not recommended, it’s not recommended!

“Mrs. Lory, I’m recommending preconception counseling, just in case you want more children!”

I left that office stunned and in tears. I picked up my cellphone and I told my spouse the news as the tears came flowing down my face!

“Listen, your health is the most important thing, and I know we said that if we worked things out, we would have more kids. But your life is more important!”

Hearing him say those words were both comforting, yet sad. But It wasn’t that it was impossible to try, but that it wasn’t recommended….

I had to sit alone with God on this one. I was upset! I was confused and my woman card felt as if it had been taken away. Why God? Why me?

During a night of praying God began to minister to me. After feeling what felt like an overflow of his deep love, he began to tell me some things.

“Kristen, you know that all things good and bad work together for my perfect will in your life right?”

“Yes lord I know!”

“Think about your life, think about some of the health issues you’ve been having lately. Perhaps you received some answers as to why periods are so painful?”

Suddenly, it was as if firecrackers went off in my brain. Well Ain’t that something? God used what seemed like a moment of sadness and failure to expose some underlying health concerns, which then prompted me to want to take care of my health.

Are you in a place in your life where you need to handle something?

Have you been neglecting your body? Your spouse? Your family? Your purpose?

Sometimes, God will use the bad news to expose, correct, and realign us. He chastens those he loves. It doesn’t always feel good. It doesn’t always make sense, But God’s plans are to prosper us and not to harm us.

I’ve got some huge decisions to make I tell ya! But–when it comes down to it, not only has this pushed me to want to take care of my body and seek more answers concerning my body, I’m also content, grateful, overjoyed, and in love with our God. His love is endless and his mercies are new every morning! What’s there to be upset about, after all he’s done for me? God simply told me to press on!

There are women who can’t even conceive. There are families who have lost children. I can’t and I won’t be selfish! I’m grateful that I was able to have two beautiful children! I will press on!

Where are you today? What have you been holding onto?

Are you at a turning point in your life right now? Is God telling you to press on? No matter your problem, just know that it could always be worse and that we serve a mighty God.

I have plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future~ Jeremiah 29:11

A turning point!