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Welcome to our “ live healthier” page, a space dedicated to all things healthy! As a multifaceted ministry, we pride ourselves in reaching every area of a believers life! Whether it’s biblical teachings, small groups, life coaching, or sharing vegan recipes, we want to explore it all. We want to give you all the tools. From workshops, to seminars, and courses, we want to help you live healthier in order to dream bigger. When we dream big we are that much closer to living our purpose! 🌼

Here at LH&DB we want to inspire you and motivate you to commit to a healthier lifestyle. Each month we will be providing new content, workshops (how to garden, how to create more sustainable homes, healthy recipes) courses, videos, and experts to help you achieve some of your healthier living goals. So stay connected and pay us a visit weekly because you never know who or what might make an appearance.

Read for the month:Do Not Be Ashamed of Your Scars🌼

Events coming in June

1. Healthy eating workshop🌼

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Founder & CEO Kristen Lory’s personal journey to healing below🌼

As someone who deals with an autoimmune disease, gut issues and chronic inflammation, watching what I put in my body on a daily basis is super important. And come to find out many of us are secretly dealing with these same health issues. From constant trips to the doctor, to medicine cabinets filled with tums and omeprazole the majority of America is in the same boat. Can we be apart of change? Let’s make a change!

This year for me, was one of the worst years of my life health wise. Having an autoimmune disease that progresses in three stages and seeing my body slowly creep up to that 3rd stage has been shocking and embarrassing! I couldn’t control what I put in my mouth. I was stressed trying to run a ministry, business and finalize my divorce, and I wasn’t getting any rest to say the least. With these contributing factors, I really hit a wall and I had found myself in a dark place where long sleeve shirts filled with bloody stains from open wounds became my new normal!

Determined to do something drastic but stuck all at the same time, It was during that time where God begin to impress upon me to change. He told me it was time to live healthier. After having thee worse flare up from my autoimmune disease, I finally surrendered to God and went on a strict fast with plans to change my eating habits for good. This journey lead to our new “ live healthier & Dream bigger” page.

Food impacts us in so many ways and we as humans fail to see that. From a medical aspect we have been seeing an increase in cancer, heart disease, obesity, and chronic inflammation! From a physical and emotional aspect of it, we are waking up feeling like crap, and in return our moods are completely terrible and we can then hardly function for the day! So I want to encourage you to make a plan with God today! Get the most out of your day! Let’s make a commitment to live a healthier life 🌼

Photography by Kristen 🌼

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