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Are you an up and coming entrepreneur or ministry leader struggling to get your project, ministry, or business started? Have you been struggling to land clients and make sales? Do you procrastinate? Forget to complete tasks? Do you need accountability? If thats you, my services are for you!

I’m Kristen a certified life coach, business mentor, mother, ministry leader, author and founder of top strategy coaching. Just two years ago, I was a housewife with no job, no degree, no credit, and no savings! With an amazing strategy, hard work, smart investing, and pure faith, I was able to transform my life into a life of success and creativity by turning a passion into a form of lucrative income. Why can’t that be you?

2 month 3rd month optional/mentorship next class starts
6/5/22 to 8/7/22
$300 payment plan allowed

One month accountability business bootcamp
$300 payment plans allowed!
Are you an aspiring ministry leader or you just want to grow your relationship with God? If so, this three month program is for you! We take you through the Bible, we work on deliverance, and we help you launch your ministry. $300 2/months payment plans available
Next class 6/5/22

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A space for entrepreneurs to grow and expand. Book a one hour session with me and I’ll put together an assessment which will include: some areas for growth, your business strengths & weaknesses and some tips for marketing, sales, & your customer base!

Book your free discovery call so we can talk about your business needs and to see if we are a fit!
This hybrid program runs for two months $300 and payment plans are available! You get to choose the programs you want to include in your program. Program includes ( one on one sessions with me, assignments, sit in classes)

Here are some testimonials from previous clients

Some of our ladies from our bootcamp!
From one of our bootcamp clients

Our Beauty for ashes mentorship is $250

Here’s our program outline

1. Month one : mindset & healing ( we explore the deep spaces and areas Of your life that have been hindering you from growth and potential in your life)

2. Month two: Your why factor ( we explore your gifts, your fears, your purpose)

3. Month Three: Boldness ( we explore your purpose, push you beyond your comfort zone and get you ready for launch mode)

I only work with a handful of clients at a time, so reserve your spot today

Refunds: refunds are available out until February 7th after that All sales are final! please book your free 15 minute session for more details

Added perks:

1. The bootcamp provides weekly group & one on one coaching sessions.

2. An exclusive business lounge for bootcamp participants on WhatsApp

We allow payment plans

We accept multiple forms of payments, cashapp, zelle, PayPal! Please email us if you have any inquiries regarding payment options

Testimonials :

“ Working with Kristen has been a real pleasant journey, she has been consistent and worked with me when I was struggling to really see and believe. I’m grateful for her wisdom and pushing me to get to where I needed to be to launch and believe in myself and the gifting the Lord has given me. I’m grateful for God linking us.Thank you, sis.

Kerlisha Allan-Thompson (Paradigm Shift Consultancy LLC)

“ Kristen has helped me a great deal with the process of pursuing my own business and ministry as a Life Coach. During our scheduled phone/zoom sessions she assisted me in building a website in which I am so proud of! Even though I tried to stay in my little “bubble” of the way I did things, she still found a way to gently but Boldly push me out of my comfort zone. She encouraged me to do my own podcast, which at first I was like “no way” but after her words of encouragement I did it! Wow it was great! …and she liked it! She has really built up my confidence as I continue to grow and perfect my business. This is only the beginning but I look forward to more insights and ideas from her as we continue our meetings. I feel confidence is up, I’m growing, my business is growing. Thanks Kristen you are such a blessing!”

~ Darlene P ( life coach & podcast host)

Working with Kristen has changed my life tremendously. She has challenged me to do things I never thought I would do. For example, I’ve always had an weakness when it came to public speaking. I would stutter & get nervous really quickly. she challenged me to start recording myself to get comfortable speaking in front of others. I’m now speaking in front of the camera and teaching Bible study. Kristen Shows such great leadership skills by challenging you daily and encouraging you by saying“ keeping going” & “ keep pushing”. It really makes you want to do better in your life every second you get. I have expressed how I like to write. So I begin writing articles. Because of her workshops on how to start your own business , blog etc… I was able to launched my own blog “ Dignity & Strength “! It gives me so much joy in my heart knowing I have something to call my own”

~ Shanora (founder of “ Dignity & strength,” blog)

If you are interested and need more info please schedule a free 15 minute consultation with me by clicking on the ” Book With Me On Calendly,” button for more booking options..

We also offer individual life coaching sessions $45 per one hour session

Our online business course $50

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Disclaimers for coaching and mentoring:

We are not doctors and we are not licensed therapists. We do not prescribe medicine of any kind and if you feel like you need much further assistance please contact your doctor.

Although all of our clients have walked away with our services happy, each individual is different and results are not guaranteed. What you put in is what you get out based on your work ethic and commitment to the coaching process.


PK’s Mentorship program is such an amazing experience. This is definitely a Holy Spirit filled and led ministry.  PK is very personable and thorough. She helped embrace my call and develop the confidence to step out on YouTube. I will forever be grateful to her for her obedience and “ yes” to God’s plan. Sophia S.

Thank you Kristen! I appreciate you and your encouragement. You have a zeal for the Kingdom of God, Our Father Elohim. A true anointing over your life. May God bless you and the ministry. We are all winner with Jesus Christ who strengthens our being! I’m excited for our sessions! Ashley W.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our team


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