The Purpose & Activation Workshop

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Our next Purpose & Activation Workshop


Purpose is something that we all struggle with in life. We all struggle with finding out who we are and what we have been called to do. Many of us spend thousands of hours and thousands of dollars just on education, only to feel lost, overworked, overwhelmed, and eventually underpaid. What if there was more? What if God had more for you, where you could live a life of financial freedom, or have that dream job and career you always wanted? That’s where knowing your true identity and purpose come into play.

Our purpose and activation workshops are created to not only bring women together to learn about God, and to form sisterly bonds, but to help them discover who they are in this life and their God given purpose.


After knowing your purpose there’s activation. It’s not just enough to know who God has called you to be, but how to obtain it is also equally as crucial. In order to do anything in life, we must have a winning strategy, that can get us to the doors of success and triumph! Sounds good right? In our workshops we will sit with you and help you jot down some ideas and map out a plan for your new and improved life!

In our workshops:

  • We have incredible keynote speakers
  • Raffles and giveaways
  • Prayer and journaling time
  • A time for healing and deliverance
  • Prayer warriors waiting to pray with you
  • Praise and worship
  • Light refreshments
  • Vendors
  • The opportunity to network and develop kingdom relationships in Christ.

Rise & Evolve!