KDL Ministry

If you want our team to come and speak at your church or host a workshop event, please drop us a note in the contact us section.

Call Our Team now!

1 518-952-9445

Speaking engagement/workshops includes:

$50 fee plus love offering if for a small crowd (5-20) people

$150.00 for a large crowd (100-250) people. Traveling costs are on us!

We are currently focusing on healing, removing strongholds, and Purpose. This is the season of Purpose! Help us spread the #PurposeMovement by booking us today!

With the highly awaited book “Purpose Driven Purpose Focused: A Guide To Discovering Your God Given Purpose,” available on Amazon, we intend to help you connect to the Lord on a more intimate level. By doing so, we hope to help you break through some of the barriers that could be hindering your process and preventing you from discovering your purpose. let’s go!

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