Into The Deep!

If you could say anything to Jesus right now, right here, what would you say? What would you ask him? As I sit here writing this article, I can’t get over how far I’ve come! 2019 was a tough year, but there came with it some successes. 🌺

( Was 2019 tough for you? How’s 2020 treating you?)

As I approach 33 in April, I can’t help to think about legacy. Kristen what are your goals? What are your plans? What has God ultimately called you to do? What would your legacy look like when you are no longer here 50 years from now?

(Take some time to write down what your legacy will be 50 years from now)

Sometimes God will allow us to go through some tough obstacles to strengthen us, teach us, and mold us into the individual He wants us to be. Faith is more than just believing, it’s action based, it’s a better way of life, it’s making the best choices in life to improve your circumstances and not just for you but for your children. (All of this orchestrated and guided by God)

(What are some ways you can improve the overal quality of your life?)

Growing and stretching can be a scary thing! It often requires stretching and risk in ways we could not have ever imagined. Growing also requires jumping into the deep. Deep waters can seem scary! Deep waters can seem intimidating. However, when we go beneath the surface, we learn things, we see things, we land in uncharted territory where we learn and give birth to our greatest ideas. Are you willing to take that jump into the deep? Are you willing to fight for the life and legacy God set forth for you?

(What would jumping into the deep look like for you?)

Just jump!

The Little Things!

So I’m not typically a holiday/festive/happy person. Every year during every holiday, I would always find myself miserable, waiting for the day to be over. This year however, I seem to have a different stance.

Walking with Jesus has literally changed me from the inside out. I’m happy about everything. I even have those cheesy hallmark Christmas movies on rotation and it’s not even thanksgiving. Who would have thought??

Life is beautiful. Being a Christian is beautiful. God teaches me about enjoying the little things! My walk with Christ teaches me to relish in the small moments like watching my kids grow up, or working on my second book.

What has your walk with Jesus taught you regarding the little things?

Life is precious. It’s what we make it. It’s how we choose to be remembered.

How do you wand to be remembered?

Yes, this past Fall was tough for my family and I, during a process of transition, however, this winter is looking pretty good. God has been surprising me with little things!

If we can take the time to notice the small things, we can begin to see Gods miracles, kindness, love, warmth, and forgiveness in our lives each day!

This holiday season will surely be one for the books. However, I’m excited to see what 2020 has in store for me and my family.

What are your goals for 2020? Take it to the prayer room saints!

See you in 2020 and happy holidays from AWP!


A Strip of Light!

I gave myself room to mourn. When we decide to make life altering decisions, these decisions almost always carry a bit of fear and emotion. After cramming in a separation, a move, a birthday party, a new job, a second book, and a college degree, my mind began to shut down.

” God are you there?” This was the question I asked God as the enemy hit me with tactics and ammunition from every direction I turned. ” did I do this all for nothing?” After the dust had settled in my newly formed life, reality began to sink in.

  1. I’m a single mother of two
  2. I failed in my marriage
  3. God is silent
  4. I’m being attacked
  5. I can’t hear the Holy Spirit
  6. The new job is stressful
  7. I can’t please everybody

These were the areas of frustration and attacks that the enemy used to get me so off track. Have you ever felt so attacked to the point of wanting to give up? That was me. Life is so messy and so complicated. The past month, I found myself not myself. The natural light and love that I always had for the church and ministry was gone. I felt alone, and everything just felt out of control, ” my control!”

But while all of this was going on, I kept hearing God say ” rest!” Well, what do you mean by rest God?” Uughhhh! It just felt like I was hitting my head against a wall every week. This period of transition that I kept talking about in my videos definitely came with some battles.

Finally, after some bad decisions, fighting myself and God, and spreading myself completely thin, I lost it! I was done. In my mind I was undergoing the biggest battle I had ever undergone in my walk with God, and I was fed up with it all. When we allow the enemy to get in, he targets those areas that aren’t going right in our lives or the things we cannot change.

Are there areas in your life that the enemy attacks or rubs in your face? How can you present this to God?

One night, after two weeks of disturbed sleep, I gave up, I let go, and I told Jesus to take it! ” take it all, lord take it all!!!” Take the pain, take the things I cant control, heal me Lord, give me strength, I’m going to rest in you!” It literally almost took everything out of me. This was a two day battle of waking up at 2am to pray worship and repent.

Fast forward to a week later and just like that I saw a strip of light. In a month filled with darkness, demonic voices, bad choices, hurt, uncertainty, battling and more, suddenly appeared this beautiful light! The light of Jesus. His warmth, His love, His forgiveness, and Grace was and is all I need. Every time I feel like giving up, every time I feel defeated and out of my mind, He meets me right where I’m at.

Where can Jesus meet you today? Will you meet Him at that place even if it comes with vulnerability and fear?

That strip of light, oh that strip of light in a world of darkness is all I look for. It’s all I long for. Can you see the light, the light of Jesus? Never stop looking for that sweet little light in the darkness.

Xoxoxox Kristen lory founder & CEO of AWP~

You Don’t Define Me!

What happens when you start saying no instead of yes? What happens when you begin to stand up for yourself? (whether you’re at the job, or standing in line at the store) what happens when you begin to put yourself first?

After a rough few months of transitioning (moving, motherhood, starting a new job, ministry, and feeling worn out) these questions began to plague me. What was I thinking? Did I really think I could survive this move? The decision to leave a marriage? Being a single mom again? All I could think was ” Now what God?”

My whole life I’ve always been concerned about the other. Instead of evaluating my own needs, mental health, and healing process, I was constantly trying to please everyone else. Have you ever been in that boat?

Maybe the kids drive you crazy? Maybe your boss and coworkers always ride your back? Maybe you put more into your friendships than your friends do? Maybe you go the extra mile in your relationship while your partner does the minimum?. Whatever it is, stop it! Stop it dead in its tracks!

It is completely freeing and wonderful to say things such as; no, that doesn’t work for me, or I don’t like how that makes me feel. We have the right to have standards and to be treated with respect. This concept was a hard one and a tough lesson for me to learn. God said to me, daughter how can I give you more if you aren’t prepared to receive it? Ouch right?!

Usually, if you’re a doormat in one area of your life, the other areas will reflect that as well. Just recently I discovered that I have a problem. I have a problem with expressing my needs and being a doormat. Can you relate?

My kids have a way of making me feel guilty whenever I say no. So for years I would just cave in. But after much healing and God’s beautiful touch, I’ve learned that I am only one person and that I absolutely try my best.

That’s what life is all about right? Simply doing our best. Life is messy, complex, mysterious, abrupt, cold, warm, and much more. We as mere humans will never fully understand God’s ways, plans, and infinite designs for man in this world. All we can do is live it to the fullest.

As I nestle into my new apartment, with a whole new outlook on life as a single mom and a soon to be divorcée, I can’t help but to think about what’s next and all of the possibilities before me. God always has a plan for our lives to prosperous us and not to harm us. So I set my eyes on Him. Nothing no longer defines me. God is my everything!

This new and profound revelation has been exhilarating. When we have freedom in Christ and live by His grace and Mercy, we no longer allow others to define our lives and who we are. Expectations are reasonable. I no longer have the desire to argue. I no longer look at what the other has. I now look to Jesus. I don’t know about you, but my days of being defined and controlled by others is over. I am in charge of my happiness. How about you?

In Transition!

When you think about the word transition, what comes to mind? According to google dictionary, the word transition simply means, the process or period of changing from one state or condition to another!

Being in transition can be hard, especially when it requires a separation of some sorts, or the ending of a thing. Transition can be seen as a mean and ugly word as we navigate through the waters of unknown. I think the worse part is having to wait it out. It’s the going through process that kicks butt the most. We just want to wake up in our blessing. But how would God get the glory if everything was automatically and instantly given to us?

These days I know a lot about transition as I am trying to find my way through my own endings and beginnings. They say when one door shuts another opens.

But, does transition have to be bad? Does it have to be hard? What if it was apart of Gods plan and process for our lives? What if God uses transition to mold us Into who and what He wants?

Of course, being in transition might seem uncomfortable at first. Yes it might seem like you don’t know what God is doing, but just knowing that God is behind it is enough.

If you are in transition right now in your life, I want you to use this time to allow God to stretch you. Let Him stretch you in many ways imaginable. You never know, you just might like what He brings to the forefront. Never despise the process of transition. We all have to get to where we are going. Where are you going in your life? I strongly encourage you to diligently seek those answers whether you are going through transitions or not.

Closed doors might hurt. Transitions might be uncomfortable, but there’s always a blessing on the other side.

Xoxoxox AWP Team!

Join Me November 16th!

Hi there! Are you serious about your walk with God? Do you believe we were meant to have more in this life? If you are truly ready to experience God in a way that you haven’t before, if you want to learn about kingdom strategy, while unlocking your hidden potential, join us!

Our founder and CEO, minister, author and life coach, Kristen Lory will be sharing her experiences, and tools of success to inspire you!

Topics of discussion

1. The fundamentals of being a Christian

2. Purpose

3. Writing down goals and sticking with them

4. Maximizing hidden potentials

Summer is almost over! Let’s keep pushing!

Hi everyone,

Summer is almost over and the kiddos will be back to school in no time.. How will you spend your final summer days?

Let’s keep pushing with our personal goals, and the goals that God has given us. We are excited to be sharing our AWP Fear Not Challenge Testimonies very soon.

We pray that you all are well! God bless!


Awp Team!