Let The Sun in!

Hi Sis. I want to encourage you to just let the sun in. Brighter days are ahead. Let me repeat myself, brighter days are ahead. Like me, if you’ve been struggling with mental health, anxiety, worry, and fear, then this next season is going to make you smile.

God is amazing, He is so amazing! God is known for taking the old and making it new. God is all about rebuilding. God is all about moving forward, as He asks us to let go of the former things. As He says in Isaiah 43. “ Let go of the former things.” Let go of the things of old and look ahead. Look ahead to the new, the newness.

The babes! Life’s moments can catch you off guard!🤍

God is merciful sis, so let the sun in. Let people in who want to love on you. Let people in who want to help you grow and blossom. Let people in who are going to speak positive over you. Speak life into you. This is your day. As we head into August let’s let the sun in.

Let’s kick butt! let’s run our businesses! Let’s be awesome moms! Let’s read our Bibles! Let’s fall in love. Let’s heal. Let’s take care of ourselves, and let’s enjoy this final month of the summer! Before you know it, fall will be here. Happy summer.

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