Go shopping for the NEW you! The old you is dead!

Hi there! So it’s been a while! With things changing around me constantly, it’s not always easy keeping up with the Jones’s if you know what I mean! With the weather slowly getting warmer and with summer slowly arriving one can’t help but to think about image. Let’s be honest here! When summertime hits, we think about the beaches and the lakes and good times with friends. But after the nostalgia of last summer’s memories wear off, it’s not to long before that self condemning voice steps in. “ you know you’re overweight!” “ you know you won’t look good in that bathing suit so don’t even buy it!” “ people don’t want to see your scars so don’t you dare show them!” After these nasty thoughts pop inside your head, suddenly the thoughts of summer seem less than exciting! Now it’s “ how do I hide my extra pounds?” “ how can I wear a bathing suit without showing too much of my body?” “ how can I lose weight quickly before the beaches open?” I know you can relate to this.

I have always struggled with self love and the way that my body looks. I think as women, we all at some point in our lives battle with this issue! I’ve always gone up and down the scales throughout the years and so shopping for summer wear has always been less than stellar! But this past spring, something extraordinary happened. So I have to admit I’ve been more health conscious as of late. So with that being said, with intentionality, lots of fasting, and walking, I’ve lost a lot of weight and I’m the smallest I’ve ever been. So let’s go back to my extraordinary experience! One day as I was window shopping in the mall, I saw bathing suits and other summer gear! So instead of my usual rolled eyes, I walked over to the summer section and I grabbed five bathing suits.

Now, before we go any further let me explain myself here! That day I had no intentions of going bathing suit shopping! I had no intentions of trying them on. But I did! I had a full blown modeling session in the dressing room! Where did this sudden urge to try on these bathing suits come from? See, although I had lost a lot of weight, I had not gone shopping for new clothes to compliment my new size. So when I tried on these new bathing suits I was shocked at how great I looked and felt! Stay with me I’m going somewhere here!

If it had not been for my surprise bathing suit session, I would not have recognized the fact that my body has changed! My body is different now! My old clothes no longer fit my new body! So with that being said, my old ways of thinking no longer serve my new self, the people I used to confide in no longer serve my new self, and frankly there are some old spaces that have now become outdated and no longer serve my new self!

My little dose of inspiration

So what about you sis? Have you taken the time to look at how far you’ve come? It’s always easier to see the negative instead of the positive! But how has God changed you for the batter over the past few months or years? What’s no longer fitting in your life now that you have become “ a new creature in Christ?” (2 Corinthians 5:17) what or who do you need to let go of?

For this Mother’s Day weekend, whether you are somebody’s mama or not, let’s do things differently! Let’s step it up by letting go of the past and welcoming in the new! Looking for a makeover ( spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially?) treat yourself to my new Beauty for ashes mentorship ( starts May 30th) and let’s get you ready for your best season yet!


Kristen Lory~ CEO, life coach, minister & author

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