Believers Authority

August is all about authority in Christ! As a believer do you know your authority? Do you know the power that God has given you to cancel and destroy any demonic plots or schemes the enemy might have for you?

As a believer, I didn’t always know the power or authority I had as a child of God. When things would go wrong instead of praying I would cry. When doors closed instead of going into a fast, seeking the Lord and getting into the word I cried! I never knew about the power of a “ prayer closet!” I never knew how much power I truly had. Do you?

When things go wrong in your life and when all hell has broken loose, are you tapping into your authority or are you crying and seeking worldly solutions?

When King David faced many of his battles, he had to constantly seek the Lord. This man’s life was on the line daily and yet he trusted his God. Instead of allowing the plot and schemes of the enemy to overcome him, he knew the authority he had in Christ and he sought him out daily regarding the plots and schemes the enemy had for his life but God! I’ll say it again, but God! David went to his “ prayer closet,” god down on his knees and took his issues to the Lord. Have you taken your issues to the Lord? Do you have mustard seed faith?

Luke 10:19 “ behold I give you authority to trample on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing by any means shall hurt you!

I want to encourage you for the month of august to find your inner warrior. I want to encourage you to walk in boldness as a child of God. When things go wrong don’t seek the world, seek God. You’ve got to lean on your authority that Christ has given you and trample all over the enemy’s head. Pick up your crown, adjust it, and place it back on your head. Know that as a child of God you can overcome all things! Remember the God you serve, remember his love for you and remember that as a believer you have authority!

God bless

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3 responses to “Believers Authority”

  1. Amen!! Will definitely wear my crown each day and walk in boldness!



    I recently watched a 🎥 that my favorite cousin recommended for me to watch a couple years ago. (WAR ROOM) It teaches us how to fight in the spirit. What a Prayer Strategy is and how to make your regular closet into a (prayer closet/war room). I am still in the process of “designing” it, if you will. But THE IMPACT ON MY NATURAL AND SPIRITUAL LIFE HAS DRAMATICALLY CHANGED FOR THE BETTER. ( The Lord Has since then, Delivered me from a 24 YEAR ADDICTION TO MARIJUANA) I was the Biggest Weed Head that I’ve ever met. Seriously.😒 It was terrible.
    I no longer have sex either. 🙅 (Not married yet)😌 I no longer toil with old familiar spirits. I have the Spirit of Discernment on my life, and can 👀 MORE CLEARLY NOW. No more foggy brain and inabilities.🤜😈🤛 I thank God for The Authority over the enemy. I never knew this power was available to me. Im almost 42 years old, and I never knew. I love you all Beloveds. 😍 Be blessed and stay encouraged in THE WORD OF THE MOST HIGH KING. #JESUS CHRIST
    #Swing Your Sword🙏🗣🔥

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    1. Amen God bless you 🌼🌼🙏🏾


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