Jump and don’t look back!

Can someone take me to Ibiza please? When I take a look at the past year and how life has changed since the pandemic, I’m shocked. Im shook. I’m in a state of “ did this really happen to us?” I know you can relate to me on this. It’s been a pretty challenging yet eye opening time to say the least.

But… as a child of God. As a firm believer, I tend to see the blessings in chaos. Despite many unfortunate deaths, the loss of jobs, homes, etc, taking a look at life and the unseen due to this pandemic has shifted and changed many of our lives for the better!

Many of us are now business owners, ministry leaders, creators, influencers, and more! Prior to the pandemic I was apart of the rat race. Working 40 hours a week at a job where I was miserable and underpaid, while giving my business little to no attention. The pandemic has forced me to evaluate my life in ways that truthfully, were uncomfortable. Kristen you aren’t living your purpose. Kristen you’re being undervalued. You’re being underpaid. Kristen you are just surviving. Have you had to face such truth and reality?

Now I want you to dig deep. I want you to think about your life, your worth, your belief in God, your values, and overall quality in life. Does it match the life you’ve always wanted? I want you to dig deep and get real. It’s never too late to start over.

I’m proud to say at 33 I’m now a full time entrepreneur and business owner. Yes it’s been a journey, yes it took sheer faith and hard work but it’s worth it. I want a life of quality do you? Jump and don’t look back!

So thats your homework. Do a self assessment and think about this article and ask yourself what type of life you’d like to live.

As a certified life coach, author, and ministry leader, I would like to invite you to book a session with me. You’ve got this!

Book a session here!

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