Press In!

“Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy-laden and overburdened, and I will cause you to rest. [I will ease and relieve and refresh your souls].”

– Matthew 11:28, AMPC. 

I used to always hear people say, “Even when life is hard, just worship God”. But I never knew how to do it! As ‘crazy’ as it sounds, I could study my Bible and spend time in prayer but I was struggling with my ‘worship life’, especially when it came to worshipping in difficult seasons. I understand that there are many forms of worship such as serving God, living a consecrated life for The Lord etc, but in the context of this blog, I am specifically talking about worshipping God through song and melody, in Spirit and in truth, no matter your situation (John 4:24). 

I was born into a Christian household, and God began working on me and my personal relationship with Him since I was between the ages of 12-13. I am 21 right now but as God started processing me at a young age, He began teaching me how to read/study His word, and I started growing in the realm of intercession. Now, I am not here to talk about my testimony, but one of the things that has been a heavy hindrance to my walk has been the battle within my mind – Oh my goodness! The enemy knows that he cannot get to me through certain ways, but I later identified that the enemy is very strategic on how he attacks me. He attacks my mind. 

*Note: This is a very key lesson for every believer – learn to identify how the enemy attacks you, so that you can begin learning how to fight (spiritually) in the right way and in the most effective way!

So once my mind has been attacked, I shut down! As in, I begin to feel spiritually deflated and of course, this brings along so many other issues such as the spirit of heaviness, anxiety etc. These ‘mind attacks’ had been going on for a long time in my life, especially having gone through hurtful experiences in my life. 

And every time I went to church, someone would always say “Just worship God even when it hurts”. You know when you hear something so much and it begins to sound cliche?! Well, I didn’t have the full revelation as to what it meant to worship God in the midst of pain, hurt and trials. Normally when I would encounter something hurtful, I would cry… cry again… and cry some more! But I never got into a place of ‘switching off’ from my current reality, to then fix my heart and eyes on Jesus through melody and song. Even if I tried to worship, I just couldn’t – you know when you are so upset/hurt and you feel that lump on your throat! And this may be the case for some of you – when you are in a low season, you may struggle to even utter a song of adoration and honour unto the Lord because the pain is in the way!

Anyways – fast forward! Three weeks ago, I was battling something emotionally and as I was in the car with my Mum, I wanted to break down and just give up on everything. But then, there was a pull within me to worship… I said, “God, I am going through so much right now and I know that the only thing that can heal me now is worship”. Later that evening, I set some time aside to spend with the Father. I went into my room, I put some worship music on and I just began to worship. Yes, it was hard to remove my mind and heart from my current situation, but something in the Spirit shifted when I decided to yield onto Jesus!

And from the moment I made the decision to make worship my everyday desire, I have accelerated to another place in the Spirit! I later had that ‘Aha’ moment of, “So this is the freedom people spoke about when they mentioned how worship heals!”. My motto and mindset became, “I JUST WANT YOU JESUS!”. And as I started becoming intentional about my worship life, I have been having encounters with Jesus and joy has literally been manifesting in my life – the meaning of my name is joy/happiness too! 

I know Corona has messed up our plans this year and many of us were longing to go to our favourite annual conventions, and get ready to fall out in the Spirit! But God is faithful because you can experience the same Kabod Glory which shows up at corporate gatherings, in your own bedroom, prayer closet, kitchen – you name it! 

Make the decision to want Jesus & intentionally press in! When Jesus shows up, He will wipe away every tear of hurt and every issue becomes miniscule before Him. Worship heals!

If you desire to go forth and deeper in God, you can:

  • Pray, ‘Father, help me to worship You in Spirit and in truth without any distractions or mind wandering. Give me a heavy desire for You and Your presence… I want to encounter You. I want a tight-knit relationship with you, the same way Jesus and Enoch were so close to You… elevate me to another realm in You Abba!’.
  • Become intentional about sacrificing time for Him. Whatever part of your devotion life this applies to, make the decision to set time aside to commune and spend time with Abba Father.
  • Always be attentive to when God is pulling you into His presence! Please, never miss that nudge/feeling in your Spirit. God may be wanting to get your attention or show you something in His presence.
  • Whatever melody/song is ringing in your Spirit, begin to sing it or play the song. Pay attention to the lyrics because there is a reason as to why that song is in your Spirit! Some of the songs which have been ministering to me so much in this season are ‘Precious Moments’ from the Revival Culture Worship Lab Album, and ‘Just Jesus’ from The Sound Of Bootcamp Vol.3 Album! 
  • During worship, keep your focus on Jesus. Imagine Him standing in front of you, or imagine being in front of His throne and at His feet! 

I remember hearing a preacher say, “Seek God so much here on Earth so that when you get to heaven, it won’t be a surprise when you see Him”. Now, I don’t know about you but I will most definitely be in awe when I stand in front of Elohim – knowing me, I’ll probably fall out too! But this statement challenged me… And I challenge you today; seek God SO much, in-spite of what season you are in. Press in! Even when you don’t ‘feel’ Him, continue to press in – He will show up (Jeremiah 29:13). He WILL show up – Jesus loves you!

– Rufaro.C

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  1. Amen Rufaro!! Such an inspiring article


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