In Transition!

When you think about the word transition, what comes to mind? According to google dictionary, the word transition simply means, the process or period of changing from one state or condition to another!

Being in transition can be hard, especially when it requires a separation of some sorts, or the ending of a thing. Transition can be seen as a mean and ugly word as we navigate through the waters of unknown. I think the worse part is having to wait it out. It’s the going through process that kicks butt the most. We just want to wake up in our blessing. But how would God get the glory if everything was automatically and instantly given to us?

These days I know a lot about transition as I am trying to find my way through my own endings and beginnings. They say when one door shuts another opens.

But, does transition have to be bad? Does it have to be hard? What if it was apart of Gods plan and process for our lives? What if God uses transition to mold us Into who and what He wants?

Of course, being in transition might seem uncomfortable at first. Yes it might seem like you don’t know what God is doing, but just knowing that God is behind it is enough.

If you are in transition right now in your life, I want you to use this time to allow God to stretch you. Let Him stretch you in many ways imaginable. You never know, you just might like what He brings to the forefront. Never despise the process of transition. We all have to get to where we are going. Where are you going in your life? I strongly encourage you to diligently seek those answers whether you are going through transitions or not.

Closed doors might hurt. Transitions might be uncomfortable, but there’s always a blessing on the other side.

Xoxoxox AWP Team!

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