Cultivating Your Territory!

As summer is fast approaching, I am preparing myself for one of my favorite past times, gardening. There is something special about caring for and watching something grow.

Donald Lawrence said that “we are spiritual beings living this natural experience.” Over the past year or so I have been learning to look at things through spiritual eyes. Only God can create a simple seed that is planted in simple dirt and grow it into something simply beautiful. That simply beautiful thing can be anything from one rose, to a field of wild flowers, to a quiet pond or the roaring rapids. Hey, perhaps even you or I?

Matthew 25:23 tells us that if we remain faithful over a few things that God will make us ruler over many things. If we can just cultivate our own territory, cultivate our faith, grow it and nurture it, He will send an increase. Sometimes, I will plant flowers on one side of the yard one year….. and the next year, that same flower will start growing on the other side. If you allow God, He will send you into the places that you didn’t see possible.

Simply put, we are supernatural beings with extraordinary gifts. We were created to give God glory. We give Him glory by simply communing and acknowledging Him. We give Him glory by simply allowing others to see Him work in us. We give Him glory by still going through the growth process (in our garden) in the midst of any storm. 

We give Him glory by cleaning out the weeds that come to strangle our spiritual growth. We allow the sting of the bees to sweeten us knowing that with chastisement comes His wisdom, knowledge and understanding. We give Him glory simply by being the beautiful creature that He has made, not by boasting but with humility.

Simply put, cultivate your territory for God’s increase.

– Kim Jones




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