June announcements!

Hey ladies–happy June! Here at AWP we pray that you all are having a wonderful week thus far. June is all about Fruit!! The fruits of the spirit!

God talks about fruit in many ways, whether it’s to test and check an individual’s character, or perhaps an opportunity God may have for you. Judge them (it)by its fruit says the Lord!

Matthew 7:16

  1. New articles on fruitfulness
  2. June 15th ” Woman Rise & Evolve event in Albany ( message us for more details)
  3. Our monthly giveaway (TBA)
  4. Prophetic words and videos
  5. AWP Fear Not challenge continues
  6. Kristen Lory mentorship for those called to the prophetic. (Message for more details)?

New members welcome! Our AWP Team loves what we do. We love spreading the good news, and we love encouraging you ladies! We want to say welcome to all new members! 🌸

We are always here to pray for you and to talk. Please feel free to message our team anytime!

Remember, be fearless and be fierce! 🌱🌱👑

Xoxoxox AWP Team!

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