AWP Fear Not Challenge!

Hey ladies, want to do a challenge with us? Inspired by our very own Shanora (Sho) we are doing our very first (AWP Fear Not Challenge) this summer!

What is it?

This summer, all summer long, we will be tackling our fears and our bucket lists! That’s right, everything we’ve always dreamed of doing, but have been to afraid to try, we are going to try them and post photos on all of our platforms! Are you Game?

What inspired this challenge:

Well, just like many of our crazy, and usual conversations, Sho and I started talking about our fears. We also talked about how tired we are of living in fear! Life is too short! We aren’t getting any younger! So with God’s permission and guidance, we are jumping in!

What would this challenge look like for you? Maybe you want to switch careers? Maybe you want to take a road trip? Maybe you want to sing live? Maybe you want to audition for a musical number? Maybe you want to paint your room a bold color? Maybe you want to get that degree? Whatever it is, after taking it to God and he says yes, just do it! Get your girlfriends involved! Get your family involved and share your photos and experiences with us!

Be brave! Be bold! Be courageous! Let’s go out of 2019 with a Big Bang!


Xoxoxo AWP Team💜💪🏽

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