God’s Nature: Are You Using It’s Full Potential?

Ladies, God created this earth for us to enjoy. The fresh air, the sunshine, the woods for peaceful walks, and the mountains so we can hear the wind blow slowly which calms us down. But are we actually taking the ime to fully appreciate it? Now, you may be thinking “what is she talking about?” What I’m trying to say is, God created all of these natural things for us to use. For example, some of us may want to lose a couple of pounds, there is nothing wrong with that, but the way you go about it can weigh negatively on your life. Instead of wasting your money on pills, waist trainers, or shakes(not knocking it)there are other, more healthier ways to lose weight.

Let’s look at the Daniel fast. Yes, I know the fast is meant to get you closer to God, but it also can help you eat better and learn healthier habits to nourish your body, which is amazing. I have practiced the fast with my church and have experienced both the nourishing affects on my soul and body. . Yes, I know those yummy cakes in aisle five may  be calling your name sometimes, but through practice you can learn to ignore those calls, and to focus on what you really want, or what you really need.. I have experienced weight loss myself, and have been a witness to others weight loss journeys.. They have said they feel so much better, even dropping a few pant sizes in the process.. That’s great right?

There are all kinds of things people use naturally that come from God. Take gardening for example, plants can have the power to bring people peace, to calm them in the most stressful of times.. There is something about  the process of growing a garden that can soothe people, calm their emotions and their minds. When it comes to facial products there are many different products out there you can buy, most of these products being unnatural. Some women are actually taking the time  to research and create natural facial scrubs, pain relievers, and many other products to benefit the health of others..

So ladies, take the time out one of these days to fully experience God’s nature. It was made to explore and enjoy. Grab some friends and get out of town, away from it all. You could go on a trip to  the mountains or woods. Enjoy the fresh air, long hikes, peaceful sounds of the animals and the water traveling down the stream in one of the many rivers God has created. God created the world for us to have domain over, make sure you take advantage of what he has given us, and fully appreciate God’s nature to its full potential..

Genesis 1:3 – 2:3

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