Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day ladies!

Today is your special day ladies. Here at AWP, we honor you for all that you do for your family and children. When we receive gifts, flowers, handmade cards from our children, or even a paid day at the spa, we can’t help but to be excited and smile from within.

Even though everyday should be Mother’s Day, where we are recognized for all of our hard work (staying up late with our children when they are sick, kissing their boos boos, or just the enjoyment of being in our children’s presence) it’s still wonderful to have a day that’s all about us. 🌼

We wanted to take the time out and thank you all for being the amazing mother’s that you are. Even if you aren’t a mom, and perhaps you have pets, or you’re an aunt, or maybe you enjoy taking care of others as well, we see you too. 😌

Now we all know that there are some days where we just want to pull our hair out, because of all the responsibilities motherhood can bring, or just hop in the car and drive as far away as we can—-but the Lord can and will give us the grace that we need, to be the mothers that our children need. God trusts us, and expects us, to love, protect, pray, and train them up in a way that is pleasing to Him!

So, on this Mother’s Day when you receive all your gifts, card, etc, don’t forget to take time out and thank the Lord for blessing you with such an amazing gift and wonderful family! The Bible says be fruitful and multiply!

God gave them his blessing and said: Have a lot of children! Fill the earth with people and bring it under your control. Rule over the fish in the ocean, the birds in the sky, and every animal on the earth ~ Genesis 1:28

Have a blessed day!

Remember, be fearless and be fierce!

Xoxoxox AWP Team!

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