God Is All Around Us!

When you wake up in the morning, what is the very first thing that you do? Do you immediately wake up and check your phone? Do you log into social media to see what’s going on in the world? Or do you text your friends to see what they are up to?

What if you did something different? What if, When you got up, you made a hot cup of tea and made your way outside to enjoy the plants and flowers around you? Nature!

What if you opened up your bible or bible plan while you sat inside your garden, sunroom or on your patio? I always loved flowers, and I’ve always loved the ocean! I always marveled at how beautiful this world truly is!

What was God thinking when he created us and the world? When we go back to Genesis 1:1-3:24 and read how God created the earth in seven days, it’s truly awe inspiring!

My point is that everything serves its purpose here on earth! Yes–that includes us, the ocean, plants, and animals! We all impact each other! God is all around us!

When you look outside in your backyard, what do you see? What kind of plants do you have? Do you have a garden? Maybe you should start one?

Here are some tips to improve and include more green in your home and yard!

  1. Create a garden and make it personal to you. Plant different types of flowers. Maybe you prefer vegetables! Buy some outside decor/furniture that best fits your style and oozes comfort!
  2. Don’t want to garden? Buy some plants and pick a designated area in the home to put them in. Use this space as a space for prayer, bible study, and daily reflection.

There you have it! Every morning when you wake up, be intentional about how you start your days! The world can wait! Social media can wait! Let God give you the tools, peace of mind, and strength you’ll need to face the days and challenges that might accompany them!

Take care of you!

Remember, be fearless and be fierce! 💪🏽💜

Xoxoxo Kristen, Founder & CEO!

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