What’s Your Endgame?

May is fast approaching, which means summer is officially on its way! As we approach the warm weather, I’m sure you’ve got your next vacation planned out, or a list of fun activities to do with the family!

Well—–that’s great and all, but what will you have accomplished once summer ends? What will be the one thing you know God told you to do and you did it? Or perhaps you didn’t do it?

We want you to switch up your summer goals, and put some major goals in place. Yes, we want to have fun and relax, but what about becoming debt free? What about applying for that new job! What about leaving that dead end relationship? What about going on a missions trip?

See, this season is all about acceleration! God highlighted the number eight for me and eight means new beginnings! For those of us who have been very obedient, humble, and whom have stayed with a heart full of repentance, this is our green season! This is our time to take major chances and get Supernatural results! Will you claim your blessings?

So I’ll ask again, what’s your endgame? Don’t let another summer go by where you do absolutely nothing! Hard work pays off! So plant some summer seeds for a fall harvest! We believe in you and we love you mama!

” Ask and it shall be given to you. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be open to you.” Matthew 7:7

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What are you waiting for? Remember, be fearless and be fierce!💪🏽💜

Xoxo Kristen Lory, Founder & CEO

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