Are You Ready For the AWP Experience?

Ladies–We are beyond thrilled to announce our new AWP Magazine! We will be releasing our first one June!

The magazine will be released in winter, spring, and summer! Packed with tons of goodies, I’m sure you won’t want to miss this! Each mag will talk about numerous topics such as love, marriage, business, healthy foods, growing closer to God and more!

So what’s the difference between our guides and magazines?

So we just launched our new Guide feature, a quick read, packed with tools and journal entries, to help you grow and evolve in 15 minutes or less! Our guides will also be available monthly! We will be releasing two new guides a month!

As for our magazine, we will be interviewing female entrepreneurs, experts in their respective fields, shining the spotlight on women who are making things happen, and promoting businesses as well!

Spring is here, but summer is in the air! We can’t wait to premiere our first AWP Magazine, and we want you to be apart of the journey!

And guess what? As a perk, members will receive our guides and magazines for free! Another reason why you should join our growing community! Check out our membership options for more details!Membership Options

Details on magazine pricing and more info coming in June!

June is coming! AWP Magazine is on its way!💪🏽

Remember, be fearless and be fierce! 🦋

Xoxoxo AWP Tribe!

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