Just Jump In!

So can I tell you about my morning? Besides being hit with an allergy attack this past weekend, I’ve also been battling multiple projects, and because of that my to-do list just keeps growing!

As I sat in bed this morning, I thought about a million reasons why I should just stay in bed. As I thought about each task, my anxiety increased and facing the day became less of a priority! Have you ever found yourself in a position where you just wanted to stay in bed and under the covers?

Sometimes, I’m pretty good at avoiding things. Can you agree? Whether it’s doing the dishes, or completing a paper for college, we procrastinate and the task at hand only becomes more burdensome.

But—sometimes you just have to jump in and keep going! After getting up this morning, praying, and fasting, I decided to jump in. Once I got going, I couldn’t believe how quickly I finished my list.

Look at that! Why do we procrastinate? Why do we avoid our tasks like the plague? As women of faith, I believe we have the power to pray against that energy or spirit. Read the Bible for more on productivity. God honors our hard work.

My point is to jump in! Stop avoiding what’s in front of you. Stop turning small and minor issues into bigger ones! Command productivity in your life! Speak positivity over your life and circumstances. It feels good to know that I’ve tackled the day head on and cut my to-do list in half! Just jump in sis! Just jump in! ☺️

Remember, be fearless and be fierce!💪🏽💜

Xoxox Kristen, Founder & CEO

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