7 Day Free Trial

Hey ladies, don’t miss out on our new membership feature! join by Sunday and be entered into our cash giveaway! Just head over to our membership page and join for free for 7 days! Look–we get it! Why waste your money on a website or some membership, when that money can go to Starbucks?

But that’s just it–stop paying Starbucks, & adding to their vision, when you can invest in yours! Our goal is to help you grow, evolve, feel connected to other women, experts, and more!

We are more than just some regular site, looking for your money! We truly care, love Jesus, and want you to succeed and know your worth.

Growing up, I often felt alone, and never really had the support and connections I needed! Especially as a single mom! I don’t want You or any other woman, to ever have to experience that! Let us look out for you! Let us guide you with our fresh and encouraging content, life coaching tips, fun events, workshops, and more! Join now!

Membership Options

Remember, be fearless and be fierce!💜💪🏽

Xoxox Kristen, Founder & CEO!

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