What Is Love?

Love is patient, love is kind—It does not envy, & it does not boast… The list goes on and on about how God loves us, how we should love others, and how we should love ourselves. Always seek the biblical truth in all that you do. Check out 1 Corinthians 13:4 for more on love! 💜 Now, let’s get back to love! What about the ones who have never experienced that real type of love For themselves and others? Some of us grew up in different environments, where love could have been shown through the giving of money. For others, through materialistic things. This is important because, the way we experience love as children, is in fact the way we will give and see love in the future. How do you see love? And most importantly, how was love shown to you when you were growing up? How are you showing love to those around you today, especially your significant other? Take some time to think about this. Does it line up with scripture? Can you love harder? When I was younger, I thought love consisted of a guy buying me things, taking me places, and whispering sweet words in my ears. However, real love, Godly love, is so much more than that. This love, It gives you so much more than just a tingly feeling inside. It gives you a spiritual feeling that shines from the inside out! So I encourage you to try God’s love. Soak in His word, on how much He loves & adores you, and I promise you won’t regret it! Remember, be fearless and be fierce! 💪🏽💜


Shanora, Social Media Rep!

2 responses to “What Is Love?”

  1. Beautifully said


    1. Thank you Liz! We pray you stop by again! Have a blessed day!💜


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