Welcome Letter!

Hi sis,

As the founder & CEO of both KDL ministries & A Woman’s Planet, our “Health & Wellness blog,” I’d like to welcome you!🌸

Can I just say that God is good? If you are here, it’s because you’re ready to evolve! You know–when I created this membership, I wanted to create an experience on a dual platform, for all women, to grow and evolve! I wanted to create a space where we as women of faith could grow, love, & heal, without judgement! I wanted to create a community where we as women could come together in harmony!

Life can be challenging! Living as a Christian can be even more challenging! But as long as we keep God at the center of our lives, we shall always rise up! 🌸

As a mother and wife to two children, I have seen and have experienced many highs and lows. It truly takes tenacity and faith to keep going everyday! With that being said, we see you!

So let this membership experience be for you! When you log in, come knowing that you are loved, supported, and worth it!

From our family to yours, welcome & God bless! 💐

~ Kristen L.

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