Life Coaching

Hi platinum member–welcome to your life coaching space! A space for coaching tips and spiritual guidance! A perk of your platinum membership! We are beyond thrilled to help you with the tools you need to be the best you. 🌸

As the CEO of this business, which happens to be my ministry, I wanted to give all of the knowledge & resources I have to help you evolve! Let’s get started!

What you get: ☺️

  1. At least two new life coaching videos a month!
  2. Monthly emails with a word of encouragement from CEO, Kristen Lory!
  3. Two 20 minute phone or Skype sessions a month, with CEO, Kristen Lory

Before you get started, purchase a journal, and a planner! We believe in writing down our thoughts and goals! It is said that when we write things down, we are more likely to accomplish them.

When watching coaching videos please find a quiet space to watch our videos and do our exercises!

June 🌸

Life coaching from the Platinum Couch!💜

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