Monday Moves!

Happy Monday Ladies!! 🎉

As many of you have read—our AWP team spent the majority of the weekend in Jersey, for a Domestic Violence Conference! Our founder and CEO, Kristen Lory, was invited to share her brave story, and was offered a vendor table as well!

As our team sat at our vendor table, I noticed a lot of different things about the other vendors around us. However, the one thing that stuck out the most to me, was tenacity! True grit and hard work— You could sense that women from all over, either from the area or from hours away, worked hard to establish their business!

I also noticed, that we all shared the same desire to empower each other, support each other, learn each other’s stories, the steps it took to get where we are now, how far we all have come, and where we all are today! that was amazing—

It’s important for us to support each other’s purpose. Whether it’s a ministry, business, or helping each other with our relationship with Christ, empowering each other is essential! So this week, make sure you reach out. Let your friends know that you are rooting for them. Simply, yet gracefully, offer your help and prayers. ☺️

Remember, be fearless and be fierce!🌺💪🏽

Xoxoxo Shanora, Social Media Rep

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