Sprinkle, Sparkle, & Shine!

Hi ladies! ☺️

I pray that March has been good to you all! Can you believe that spring is almost here? Spring is officially in the air, and that means that we are one month away from my birthday! I can finally say that I enjoy growing older! How about you? I know that me celebrating my birthday and growing older may seem a bit egotistical—however, there was once a time in my life where I didn’t think I would make it to 30 and I’ll be 32! The lies the enemy will tell!

All my life I dealt with low self-esteem and depression. I had a ton of people telling me that they loved me, yet abused me or vanished without a trace! So I began to resent everything! I resented my birthday, the holidays, or anything fun. But the one thing I could never do, was turn my back against the Lord! I remember asking why? I remember crying until I couldn’t cry anymore as a single mother with nowhere to go. But I never blamed God. Are you blaming him?

You know, as a mom, wife, and CEO of this ministry, I often face many challenges. From investing, to making the most basic decisions, to expanding the team, and more, so days can be pretty hectic! It seems that when God tells me to move a certain way, the enemy tries to pull me another way! Have you ever had that happen? What do you normally do when this happens to you? Regardless of your story, or the amount of mistakes you may have made, God is still waiting for you every second of the day!

( I want you to grab a pen and a paper and write down some of your coping mechanisms. Are they the best? Are you angry with God to the point of unbelief? How can you rely more on God?)

I just want to encourage you sister to Sprinkle, Sparkle, and Shine!

Sprinkle your joy onto others!

Sparkle hope into a dull and gloomy situation! Remember God’s got it!

Shine your light during times of darkness! We are the salt in this world!

Remember, be fearless and be fierce!💪🏽🌺

Xoxoxo Kristen, Founder and CEO

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