Christians In The Work Environment!

When I was working for corporate in the banking industry, I can remember days filled with structure and deadlines. I enjoyed the fast-paced environment as a marketing team member, but some days I just needed a moment to be alone with God.

As Christians, it can be extremely tough trying to balance our beliefs with the culture on the job. Sometimes, you’re blessed enough to have wonderful coworkers, and other times not so much. From cursing, to competing, and sadly, sometimes harassment, the work environment can be hostile!

What do you do when the work environment is toxic? How do you incorporate the Lord during your most difficult times?

(For this exercise, think about your time spent on the job and write down the good, bad, and ugly. How do you add to the environment? Do you pray for your coworkers when they make you mad? How can you be more positive?)

Although they say politics and religion should never be discussed at work, don’t be afraid to take time out to pray and read. Or simply sit in silence as you allow Gods grace to cover you.

Some people are called to ministry and others are called to careers outside the church. God wants to spread His gospel in as many ways as He can. And although we are not to get into such topics at work, you can still be a light on the job by encouraging you coworkers, praying for them, and just maybe becoming friends outside of work, and inviting them to church.

Just know that you can make a difference! Work and be happy! If you feel like your job is too stressful, ask God if it’s the right fit for you! But always be the light! 🌺

Remember, be fearless and be fierce!

Xoxoxo Kristen, Founder & CEO

One response to “Christians In The Work Environment!”

  1. I enjoyed the read. I’m constantly praying to God at my job. I work with great people. But at times there can be competition. I try to stay neutral. But find myself biting my tongue most of the time. It’s a lot of work. But I realize if I keep God first I will be ok.

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