When You Feel Like Giving Up!

To be pretty honest, life can be extremely tense and overwhelming at times! This past week was definitely a tough week for my family and I. Where there was progress, there was also setbacks! As I saw God move in some areas, it seemed as if he had gone silent in others! I wonder what that’s about? Do you ever wonder?

After being hit with multiple setbacks and twists and turns, I literally felt like throwing in the towel. The enemy has a way of getting in, no matter how hard you pray. We saw our dog get sick and hit with a possible cancer diagnosis. My battle with chronic sinusitis was raging. My husband had endured an injury. And the list continues.

After crying, praying, and spending time alone with God, I couldn’t help but ask why? Why me? Is all of this worth it? When God had revealed to me, that the bigger the attack the bigger the blessing, I instantly knew in that moment that there is a greater plan for this business.

When I look at the impact that my team and I are making everyday, I am reminded of the “why.” When women tell me they have read the Bible for the first time in a long time, I am reminded of “why!” See, the key to all of this is to keep going! I want to encourage you today, to keep going! Don’t give up! You are doing your very best and God sees that! Of course, things can always be better! That’s just the beauty in life! If every single moment was perfect, we wouldn’t need Jesus!

I challenge you to step out on faith! I challenge you to get back up, give yourself some credit, and just know that God’s timing is always perfect!

Remember, be fearless and be fierce!🌸

Xoxoxox KDL Team!

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