Proverbs 31! The virtuous Woman!

Hey ladies, we are beyond thrilled to announce that our bible exercises have been a major success! We have had women of all backgrounds, come together for these studies! From women who love to read the word, to women who are reading for the first time, God is truly doing something in this ministry! Don’t miss out! 💪🏽

Are you a proverbs 31 woman? Are you a virtuous woman? If you’d like to know more about what the Bible says regarding being a good wife, and acting like a real lady, please read on. If you’re married, take notes! Not married yet, prepare! Grab your bible, grab your pen and paper, and head over to the book of proverbs! I’ll catch you next week to discuss it!☺️

  1. What does Proverbs 31 teach you about being a good wife? What does it teach you about being a lady?
  2. Do you feel like modern women today can follow these rules?
  3. Write down five things about yourself that you can change.
  4. Write down three things the narrator is pointing out to us ladies.
  5. What does the reading say about the way we should present ourselves in public and on a daily basis?
  6. After reading Proverbs 31, what will you change? What will you leave in February and take into March?

Creative assignment:

Go into your closet and go through your clothing. Does it scream a virtuous woman? Or is it screaming “help!”? does it need some sifting through? You know that short skirt you wore three summers ago? Or that top that might just show a little too much cleavage? We challenge you to clean out your closet, and give yourself a proverbs 31 woman makeover!

Remember, be fearless and be fierce! 🌸

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