Ruth! A Story About True Love…

Ruth starts off with loss. When a family is hit with the deaths of a patriarch, and his two sons, their widows, being Ruth and the other two being, sister-in-law Oprah and Mother-in-law Naomi, tough decisions come into play. After Naomi decides to move back to her hometown, Ruth agrees to follow, while Oprah decides to move back home! Ruth tells Naomi that she will go wherever she goes and that she will serve the God that she serves! What a statement! True loyalty! This is the moment that changes Ruth’s life forever! After arriving to Naomi’s Homeland, Ruth meets Boaz and the rest is history! Boaz teaches us about strength, honor, what a true husband looks like, and more! Dig into your bible and get started on Ruth!


1. What did you learn from Ruth? What does she teach you about losing everything and getting it all back, after trusting God completely!

2. What did she teach you about loyalty and trust?

3. What did Boaz teach you?

4. How does Boaz compare to men today?

5. How can you apply Ruth to your life?

Journal activity:

Please take a minute to write a letter to your younger self! What would you tell her about love? What would you tell her not to do again? Tell her that the things that happened in the past were not her fault! Lastly, tell the younger you about how proud you are of yourself today

We can’t wait to discuss this!

Remember, be fearless and be fierce! 🌸

2 responses to “Ruth! A Story About True Love…”

  1. Can’t wait to get some down time to start!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wonderful Shanora! We can’t wait to discuss this!


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