Coretta Scott King

It’s black history month! We wanted to shine the spotlight on Mrs. Coretta Scott King! Known to all as the wife of Dr. Martin Luther King jr.., she was a woman of great strength!🌸

Mrs. Coretta was born in Alabama, on April 27th, 1927! Her many hats included; author, activist, civil rights leader, wife, and mother! During a time of oppression, segregation, and loss, Mrs. Coretta had to be the glue that held her family together! After the Assassination of Dr. MLK, she had to continue on, fighting for what he left behind and without bitterness! What a phenomenal black woman!

Let’s pay tribute to this great woman! May we all be as wise and as bold as She!

Happy black history month!

Be fearless and be fierce!

Xoxoxox 🌸

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