Planning The Rest Of Our February!

Hi there! We here at AWP hope and pray that You are having a productive Sunday!! Have you made any further plans yet for the month of February? Spring is almost here!!🌸🌸🌸

We encourage and challenge you to plan out the rest of your month! Make each day count! Spring cleaning ahead? Downsizing? Planning a vacation? Purchase a planner/calendar that fits your personality to get it all down!

It’s not too late to start planning! Send us some photos of your planners! What does your world of planning and organizing look like?

Remember, don’t be to hard on yourself! Be fearless and be fierce!

Xoxoxoxox 🌸

5 responses to “Planning The Rest Of Our February!”

  1. I’m planning another vacation. Also ready for spring cleaning. Can’t wait


  2. Can’t wait to get an organizer. And can’t wait to plan my vacation.🌼

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    1. Hi, Jeanette! Thank you for your comment! Planning is awesome! We can’t wait to see your planner 🌸


      1. I finally brought my planner today!!! Can’t wait to start writing things down because I’m always forgetting something and looking forward to planning ahead too!!

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      2. Hi Shanora!! Yay!! That’s wonderful! Can you email us your best planner Photo? We will collect all planner photos and share them together in one wonderful post!! 🎉


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