Mind Your Business, & Start Your Business!

When are you going to get up and get it? Yes, that’s pretty blunt! We like to get straight to the facts here!

Are you a watcher? Or are you a doer? Why is it that we blame everybody else for our own lack of success? When will we hold ourselves accountable for our own happiness?

As women, it’s important that we support each other and uplift each other. The world is tough! So to add another hating sister/friend/cousin to the fold doesn’t help!

Let me ask you a question? Don’t you want more? While she’s up at 5am every morning, creating opportunities, and taking chances, you’re sulking! Why is that? Or we get distracted by men. Oh yes, that’s a big one! If your greatest achievement is a relationship, then honestly you haven’t lived and might just be codependent.

The Bible teaches us as single women, to live for the Lord, study, give back and love others! If you aren’t married or without kids, live life beyond limits! See the world, travel and take chances!

There’s room for everyone to succeed! We can all be successful!Don’t sit back and let another year go by. Don’t allow for the same results! You can have that business. You can write that book. You can travel the world if that is what you desire. But you have to open the door. Get off the coach. Get off social media. Mind your business. Start your business!


Are you living life to the limit, or are you watching her as she navigates toward success? It’s your turn!

Be fearless and be fierce 💪🏽

Xoxoxo Kristen, Founder & CEO

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