Let’s Talk Queen Esther!

Hey ladies, welcome to February Joy! A month dedicated to strength, empowerment, growth, and a renewed commitment to growing in God. As we begin the month of February, I want you to reflect on your New Year goals, what you had hoped to accomplish, progress in those areas, and any fears associated with them. 🌸

The book of Esther, tells us a compelling story about the rise of a young Jewish Queen. She had to hide her Jewish identity, during a time when it was dangerous to be Jewish. Although she found great favor with her husband and king Ashasuerus, her identity had to be concealed in order to survive. After an order had been put out to kill all Jews because of an angry noble named Haman, Esther at some point, had to be brave and step up to the king to save the Jewish people. Esther had to fast, she had to pray, and she had to take a leap of faith.

I want you to look at Esther and compare her story to a time in your life where you had to be brave and step out on faith despite fears.


  1. Please start by reading the bookmark of Esther
  2. Please get a pen and paper and write down your thoughts and ideas.
  3. How does Esther inspire you? How can you relate to her? What does she tell you about being brave?
  4. What does this exercise tell you about God and how he answers prayers?
  5. Do you fast and pray monthly?
  6. What are your goals moving forward with God?
  7. Do you believe that God can make a way for you?

So there you have it! We want you to finish this exercise feeling encouraged, and fearless. You are fierce! 💪🏽

Please interact with us, by placing some of your answers in our comments below this post. We look forward to your responses. 😌


14 responses to “Let’s Talk Queen Esther!”

  1. Yes there an few times and yes I let fear take over me and lied so I wouldn’t have to face the consequences but I was younger then now I have more Wisdom

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      • I would tell her I know at the point where your looking from it looks like your life may be over but it’s not. I know sometimes it may feel Gods not there for you but He is. He just waiting for you to come to Him and ASK for help and you go have FAITH that all things are possisble with God. The more time you spend with Him the better you will feel ❤️

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