Create The Space That You Love, Without Having To Break The Bank!

Hi there, happy Thursday ladies! We wanted to give you some tips on how to create an absolute dream space that you’ll love! And as cost efficient as possible! You don’t have to break the bank! What I have found over the years, is that after sifting through my storage, I already had some great materials in place to add to a office space! whether you’re a student, a lover of arts and crafts, a working mom, or a pioneering CEO, having a space to create and give birth to your dreams is essential! 🗝

A great space:

Find a space in your home where you can be a creative genius. Whether it’s a small corner in your room, or in a separate space in your home, creating a space can optimize creativity and productivity.

The visual:

They say that visuals/imagery/aesthetics are everything! When we stimulate our eyes, we stimulate our brains. We stimulate good ideas. Invest in flowers, inspiring photos, objects that inspire you, some art, and more! (use what you’ve got at home if you want to save)

Clean environment:

Cleanliness is key. When we clean our homes and we remove clutter, we open up space, we move around energy and give off positive vibes. Make sure you have some type of lighting!


Being organized is super important. Invest in a planner to keep organized. Have a separate book for notes. Write down everything to stay on top of bills and errands. Lastly, invest in folders to keep vital information separate.

So there you have it. Without breaking the bank, and with using what you’ve got, here’s to a great start to a great space! Be fearless and fierce! Send us your photos!

Xoxoxoxoxox 🌸

2 responses to “Create The Space That You Love, Without Having To Break The Bank!”

  1. Andrea Cavallaro Avatar
    Andrea Cavallaro

    Wow! I need this so much. I’ve known it since before today but I think this serves as a reminder that this needs to happen for me! Thank you for sharing and inspiring me to make a space of my own! I’m already thinking about a spot in my room for this ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for responding Andrea! We are extremely happy that you enjoyed the article! Send us a photo of what your space looks like when your all done!☺️


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