You Know, It’s Alright To Be… Well, Alright?

Hey you, stop that right now! You know that thing you do, mentally, when you tell yourself something is to good to be true? Maybe you feel pretty content these days, but something tries to come along and make you think otherwise? Or perhaps you begin to feel like you don’t deserve that? well, I’ve been there! 😒 Ladies, why do we beat ourselves down, when we are simply doing our very best?

Lately, God has been pressing on me more and more, regarding giving myself a break from time to time. The Words gratitude and contentment have been a recurring theme these days. It’s not perfection he’s after, rather it’s genuine love and intimacy he seeks! He wants to dwell within us, bestowing eternal peace and joy.

I think I finally have it figured out. Now that I’m in my thirties, I see life with a whole new perspective. I used to want it all! A big house. A nice car. An awesome career. And a size 4 pant to top it off. After hitting some bumps in the road and taking some detours ( friendly encounters and some “hills have eyes ” experiences 👀) I started looking at life differently.

See, I genuinely have all that I need. I have a supportive husband, wonderful children, some great friends, good health, a roof over my head, a passion to please God, and a purpose that he’s given me! What else do I need? We can’t keep living our lives comparing it to the next. Who are you? Are you living your life or someone else’s? Find contentment. Find peace. Find joy in all that you do!

I just wanted to let you know, yes you, that you are awesome. You are wearing many different hats, and juggling many different things on a daily basis. From motherhood, to job, to volunteer, to babysitting, you are doing it all and here at KDL we are inspired. You inspire us!

So treat yourself. If you could take the weekend off, where would you go and what would you do? If you can’t sacrifice a weekend, try a day trip. Try it out and send us some photos! God bless! Xooxxoxox

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3 responses to “You Know, It’s Alright To Be… Well, Alright?”

  1. Are you alright? Find peace my friends! Seek God in all that you do!


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