We Are Looking For Writers! You Could Get Paid!

Are you an up and coming writer? Journalism major? Or perhaps you just enjoy writing? Our team is looking for writers! As our website continues to grow and our audience increases in size, we want to give you a chance to showcase your skills. What a way to jazz up your resume. 🤩

As women, particularly Christian women, we need a voice! We want content that ranges from Christian topics such as; sex, church hurt, forgiveness, good finds, love, marriage, healthy eating, children, mental health issues and more!

No commitment. Send when you can. If we like what you bring to the table, we will pay you for your contributions. $20 an article. Must be a strong writer, must be professional, a researcher, consistent, and must contribute at least three articles before being paid.

Please share the word! We look forward to hearing from you! 🌸

2 responses to “We Are Looking For Writers! You Could Get Paid!”

  1. I laugh an tell ppl all the time I could wright a best seller, an it would blow ppl minds, what a brain can hold an rememberer, one day I’ll put it all down on paper, including fighting the devil who lives within your home that your family trusted at the age of 8, an church hurt like u Wouldn’t beleave

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    1. Hi Virginia, thank you for your comment. What a testimony you have. You should definitely share that with other women. I’m sure many can look to you for encouragement and strength! Don’t give up the good fight. God is good! Prayers to you!


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