What’s In Your Kitchen?

Prior to turning 30, I had no true value of self. Dieting forget about it! Cutting out sugars, never! Drinking coffee with loaded sugar and creamers, absolutely! When we are young, we tend to live life more boldly and on the edge. We don’t think about what life would look like in 30 years from now, or the consequences of our choices in the here and now. I used to think that our government cared about the foods that we ate and where they came from. However, after taking an eco-friendly course in college a few years back, I learned how that wasn’t necessarily the case. Instead, I learned about how we have foods (fruits and veggies) coming in from countries all over the world, with terrible labeling and packaging! we also have chemicals, pesticides, and other GMOs, crowding our atmosphere. No wonder why cancer is on the loose. But do not be discouraged! Let’s put into play some healthy eating practices. Let’s look at things that we can do to give our kitchen the healthy makeover it deserves. It won’t happen overnight, and yes our guts will have to adjust to less sugar and fried foods. But in the end it’s so worth it! Eating healthy is costly right? Would a place like Whole Foods come in handy every week? Living healthy and organic can be costly. So let’s look at some ways where we can save and start living more healthy. Please be advised that we are not experts in this field! We are simply sharing some tips that work for our team! Xoxo xoxo

  1. Always look at labeling and packaging. Where is the food coming from and what’s in it?
  2. Start your own garden. Even if that means growing two or three fruits or veggies.
  3. Cut out sugars and stay away from artificial sugars. (Cancer agents)
  4. Introduce almond milk, or oat milk. (Milk tends to have lots of hormones)
  5. Spend some money on spices and herbs such as turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon. (Anti-inflammatory agents)
  6. Take vitamins and take some shots of Apple cider vinegar
  7. Think Greens, think reds and blues for antioxidants!
  8. Always make sure you have everything you need in your kitchen so that you don’t have to constantly run to the store

Well here you go! It’s a start! Send us some pictures of your kitchen. Today is the first step to a healthier lifestyle! Tell us your story!

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