Why not?

As I find myself basking in summer glory, I can’t help but to think about what’s ahead. Don’t get me wrong, sitting lakeside has been great. Spending time with my children has been even greater. I can honestly say, this summer is probably the first summer in a very long time, where I haven’t sat still. Well, with two children, both very particular, energetic, curious, and adventurous, I knew from the beginning that life would be one big adventure.

Each and every morning when I wake up, I can’t believe how much the Lord has blessed me and how far I’ve come. Well what’s the problem? Sometimes we get stuck in our own ways! Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that things can go our way, especially when we are used to things not going our way. I woke up this morning thinking why not? Why can’t I be happy? Why can’t I balance my life? Why can’t I have some level of success? Why can’t I receive the blessings the Lord has for me?

As I sat by the lake, as my children and husband swam, I couldn’t help but be happy, but at the same time those voices began to invade my head, telling me to enjoy it while it lasted. Why not? I’m asking you to ask yourself this question this morning, why not? Don’t allow the enemy, or people, or your current circumstances tell you that you can’t have what the Lord has for you.

So get back up! Pick yourself up! Life is short! Life is meant for living! Keep fighting the good fight! Continue to push through in a way that’s pleasing to God and he will surely bless you! Amen!

#love #Jesus #Joy #motivation #happiness #peace

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